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SHENZHEN Cheap Joe Montana Jersey , Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- China succeeded in its first 300-metre saturation diving on Sunday morning as three divers returned safe and sound from deep water to the living chamber on the ship.

The diving bell actually reached 313.5 meters deep under the South China Sea, according to Guo Jie, on-site chief director of the experiment.

The three divers, Hu Jian, Guan Meng and Dong Meng returned to the deck of the ship at 5:09 a.m. Sunday.

The saturation diving technology enables human beings to withhold high deep water pressure by saturating the inert gas in human tissue fluid, according to Guo.

Three other Chinese divers planned to try again at 8 a.m. Sunday and are expected to return to the living chamber at about 2 p.m. and stay there until Jan. 24 to let the inert gas in their tissue fluid to return to normal pressure, said Shen Hao Cheap Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , director of Shanghai rescue and salvage center.

China is now working on the develpment of technology of satruation diving of 500 metres deep under sea, said Wang Zhenliang, director of the China Rescue and Salvage of the Ministry of Transport.

China starts first saturation diving experiment

BEIJING, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday started its first saturation diving experiment at sea, aiming to reach 300 meters under water from the sea surface near Shenzhen, according to the Shanghai Salvage Company under the Ministry of Transport.

At 1 p.m. Beijing time, six divers of the company began to pressurize a compression chamber in preparation for the dive Cheap Reuben Foster Jersey , marking the beginning of the experiment.?Full story

China's first deep-water saturation diving boat completed

BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- China’s first 300-meter depth saturation diving boat has been completed in Qingdao in East China’s Shandong province.

The "Shen Qian Hao" diving boat is China’s first deep-depth saturation diving vessel. Saturation diving is a diving technique that allows divers to work at great depths for long periods of time by reducing the risk of decompression sickness.?

About 10 resorts, cruise owners and travel agencies from Indonesia give brochures on the marine sales event on Thursday, Sept.10. (Photo: ECNSQian Ruisha) A diver explores Indonesia's rich sea life in Pulau Weh. (Photo courtesy of Vincent Chong of Pulau Weh Dive Resort) A diver explores Indonesia's rich sea life in Pulau Weh. (Photo courtesy of Vincent Chong of Pulau Weh Dive Resort)

Zhu Jing, fit-looking, slightly tanned and sporting a long ponytail, handed out flyers at a diving promotion event in Beijing's Xinjiang Hotel on Thursday night.

Now a diving instructor at Bali Scuba in Sanur Richard Sherman Jersey , and the only Chinese PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) curriculum director in Indonesia, Zhu was invited by the Embassy of Indonesia in Beijing and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to showcase the beauty of the country's diving destinations.

Used to work for a Fortune 500 company in Suzhou, Jiangsu province she got hooked on snorkeling during a trip to Malaysia. Zhu subsequently quit her job and started training in Thailand and the Philippines before she settled down in Bali as a diving instructor four years ago.

She is one of an increasing number of Chinese with a growing addiction to underwater pursuits.

"As Chinese incomes grow, the love for deep-sea exploration has also risen," said Yovanka Slahainenia, information officer of the Embassy's Social and Cultural Affairs. "We're holding the marine promotion event to tap into the Chinese diving community."

Bali has long been 'the' island for China's sea lovers. According to the Bali Statistics Bureau, Chinese made up the second largest group of foreign arrivals between January and July Jerry Rice Jersey , with a total of 422,256 visitors, up nearly 28 percent year-on-year. Visa relaxation and cheaper air tickets are also fueling the tourism boom.

But Indonesia wants Chinese tourists to know that there are more diving spots that are just as good and pretty as Bali, Slahainenia said.

About 10 resorts, cruise owners and travel agencies from Indonesia, such as Grand Komodo, Pulau Weh Dive Resort Joe Montana Jersey , and Pearl of Papua, etc., supplied brochures and promo videos to appeal to dozens of Chinese travel agency representatives who attended the event on September 10.

"We're definitely seeing more and more diving enthusiasts from China, because Indonesia has the best prices, quality and service," said Tan Peck Sim of Grand Komodo, a local operator that offers diving in Raja Ampat Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , Komodo and other islands.

Indonesia has long been a big marine destiny for Europeans, Australians and Americans, while China's interest in diving is more recent.

According to China Underwater Association (CUA), revenue from dive tourism hit only 450 million yuan ($72.6 million) in 2010. The figure is expected to rise to over 2.13 billion yuan ($344 million) in 2015.

"Chinese are taking baby steps compared with Western divers, with most of my Chinese clients being middle-classed and blessed with lots of free time," Zhu said, adding that every month about 10 to 20 sign up for her class.

Linda Ding Reuben Foster Jersey , head of the Beijing office of Xpertholiday, a travel agency headquartered in Hong Kong that specializes in dive tourism, said most of their customers are AOW (Advanced Open Water)-certified middle-class divers in their 30s and 40s.

Waters around China are not very attractive to divers for their low visibility, low temperature and a lack of biodiversity. Xpertholiday takes thousands of Chinese divers to spots in Asia each year, with Indonesia being a prime destination, Ding said.

China now ranks fourth among Indonesia's overseas arrivals, after Singapore Cheap 49ers Hats , Malaysia and Australia, Jordi Paliama, head of Indonesia's Tourism Ministry Asia Pacific tourism market promotion division, said at the event. In 2014, about 697,000 C.
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