Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sale

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sale

Messagepar kaosi » Mer 26 Sep 2018 03:59

Converse had released a beautiful set Converse High Top Sale series highlighting NBA teams. The collection is now listed as Sold Out on the Converse website. The collection, released just four months ago, was incredibly popular amongst NBA and Chuck Taylor fans. The collaboration between the NBA and Converse stems from the relationship Nike, which owns Converse, has with the different sports associations and leagues.


The Converse Mid Top Sale is the shoe that got the most success in the history of sport. It’s been worn by entire generations – and will probably keep going in that direction. The good old Chucks. My mom wore them, I wear them, and my kids will be wearing them. My Converse are my go-to option for basically every occasion. For a casual week-end look, for work, to travel, or even with a fancy suit. They go with everything – and they make my feet look good at all times.

By adding the felt to the sole of the shoe, this classifies the Converse Mid Top Sale as slippers, not sneakers. Perhaps you have noticed that the first few days of wearing your fresh new sneakers are a tad bit slippery? This could be why. The not so distance cousin of the Chuck Taylor shoe, PF Flyers, are known to do this as well.
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