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SHANGHAI , March 28 (Xinhua) -- Javier Fernandez of Spain outscored reigning Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan to win Spain's first singles gold at world championships, while Russia's Elizaveta Tuktamysheva dominated the free skate and won the ladies title here on Saturday.

Fernandez, who finished second in Friday's short program, performed to II Barbiere di Seviglia by G. Rossini and scored 181.16 points in free skating and totaled 273.90 to win the gold.

Hanyu took the silver with 175.88 in free skating and 271.08 overall. Kazakhstan's Dennis Ten led the free skating in 181.83 but ranked third in total of 267.72.

Fernandez, three time European champion in a row and two time world championships bronze medallist , fell in his first quad toeloop, but performed flawlessly after that. He hit a quad salchow and triple toeloop, a triple Axel, and quad salchow.

"I can't believe it," said the winner , who bursted into tears. "I have no word. I trained really really hard, but I did not expect to win. Everybody knows Hanyu is so strong and nobody can beat him. I didn't expect it, not even in my dreams."

"I am really happy," he added. "These guys are really great skaters. The gold will help me keep going for the next year. I need to practice hard."

Fernandez shared the same coach with Hanyu, and the Japanese star hugged the winner after the final.

"I know how hard Javier has been training ," said the 2014 world champion. "I has competed with him for a long time, and every time I won he said 'I'm so proud of you", and this time I am in the opposite position, the second place after him, now I understand how he felt."

"I think I will beat him again someday , but now I really feel happy for him," said the two time Grand Prix Final Champion. "He is like my brother."

Hanyu danced to Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and made several mistakes in some of his jumps

China's Yan Han finished 10th at last.

Earlier Saturday, Russia's Elizaveta Tuktamysheva dominated the free skate and won the ladies title.

The reigning European champion, who stunned the world with a clean triple axel in her short program Thursday , nailed a triple lutz and double toeloop and double loop, a triple lutz, a triple flip in the beginning of her dance, and finished a double axel and single loop and a triple salchow. Her sequence was smooth and spins beautiful. The 18-year-old scored 132.74 in her free skate and totaled 210.36 to lift the title.

Japan's two time Four Continents runner-up Satoko Myahara took the silver with a 126.58-point free skate and 193.60 overall. Another Russian Elena Radionova, 2015 European silver medallist , came third with 121.96 in free skate and 191.47 in total.

"I was tight, since I knew even with my advantage in points from the short program I couldn't make any major mistakes. With two major mistakes the advantage would have been gone. It would have been a shame to lose," said the winner.

"It's a successful season for me," said the 2015 Grand Prix final champion Tuktamysheva. "I kept a high level and skated really well. But today my performance was not as good as my short program, and I hope I can finish a triple axel in free skate in the future."

China's Li Zijun , 2014 Four Continents bronze medallist, fell twice on her jumps and only ranked ninth at last.

"I am sorry for today and it was not my normal," she said. "Many unforeseen circumstances happened today. Actually I felt a little depressed because I did while in short program but I had some mistakes today."

The ice dance title went to Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France on Friday while Meagan DuhamelEric Radford of Canada outshone three Chinese pairs to win the pairs title on Thursday.

China's Sui WenjingHan Cong took the pairs silver while veterans Pang QingTong Jian came third.

It was the farewell dance for Pang and Tong, who had retired last year but came out to compete the world championships on home soil.

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