" DAMASCUS, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- While the world is obser

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" DAMASCUS, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- While the world is obser

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DAMASCUS, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- While the world is observing the International Day of Peace, which is supposedly a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, Syria couldn't be as far from peace as it's today, despite the fact that it's the country most in need of peace.

The Syrian war is in its sixth year, with no foreseeable end, only dead ends. Such a grinding war puts all of the peace-promoting slogans on the line, and the conflict reflects nothing but the international community's failure to live up to it pledges to strengthening peace.

Throughout the years in the Syrian crisis, the Western powers seemed more interested in securing gains and interests in Syria, than just finding peace.

Faltering ceasefire in Syria just gave the Syrians the experience of living a mirage fading away on the horizons every time the sun goes down.

Tens of people are dying everyday, millions are out of their homes. The size of the calamities in Syria is so overwhelming, but it's seemingly not enough for the powers to put their interests aside and truly think of ending the conflict.

Almost everyone in Syria firmly believes that an international consensus is the most important step toward ending the conflict, but the world's powers are still disputing in the Security Council' venues, while speaking of the Day of Peace.

For Syrians nowadays, the banner of the Day of Peace doesn't mean much, only another hollow slogan promoted and celebrated, and the question that is asked is what the world has done to end the Syrian war?

""More war"" is the answer.

""The western powers are not only watching the Syrian war, but actually engaging in such a war, making Syria an arena for settling their scores,"" Maher, a Syrian journalist and blogger, said.

The majority of Syrians dream of peace and the return of security and stability to their country, while watching the world observing such a ""peaceful"" occasion as Syria is bleeding.

The United States and Russia, along with other western countries, must be single-minded on bringing back peace to Syria, which fell from one of the most peaceful and secure areas to one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Prolonging the crisis will not only deprive the Syrians from peace, but will steal the peace of other countries, and the spillover effects of the Syrian war are dangerously reverberating outwards.

Peace should be a given right to every human being, not a privilege granted for certain peoples in this world. The Syrians are the ones who deserve to live in peace after six years of war that dislodged peace from every house in this country. Enditem


LONDON Cheap Alex Smith Jersey , Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The film 'The Revenant' came out a big winner at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) film awards, on Sunday night, winning five awards.

'The Revenant' was named top film and garnered awards for Alejandro G Inarritu who was named best director and Leonardo Dicaprio as best actor. It also led the awards for cinematography and sound.

The film is about a man's survival alone in a wilderness, and its production was dogged by problems for the production crew because of the harsh venues used for filming.

Inarritu said at a press conference after the awards, "We all went through physical challenges; for me, the most difficult challenge was that I wanted people to experience feeling lost through sight and sound -- and not through words, but images. Besides the production problems, when I was putting the material together there was a moment when I (myself) began to feel lost."

Dicaprio said, "I often refer to this journey as a journey to the 'Heart of Darkness' because there was something very early on in Alejandro's eyes that showed he wanted to submerge himself in another world, but he did not have quite all the answers to what the movie would be. But he knew that with us being completely entrenched in those existential conditions we would come up with existential answers."

The BAFTA awards, which were held at the Royal Opera House in the center of London, are often seen as one of the indicators towards possible success at the Hollywood Oscars at the end of this month.

Kate Winslet won the best supporting actress, her second win in the category after a gap of 20 years. She commented afterwards, "I was even more excited than I was 20 years ago when I was in this position for 'Sense and Sensibility'."

Mark Rylance won best supporting actor for 'Bridge of Spies'.

Naji Abu Nowar, writer and director, and Rupert Lloyd, producer won the outstanding debut award for 'Theeb'. Nowar described the film to Xinhua before his win as "a Bedouin Western, a coming of age at the time of the Great Arab Revolt (1916)".

Nowar said that he had lived with the Bedouin tribe for a year and added "they are the co-authors of the film".

'Amy' won best documentary, and 'The Hurtful Eight' won best original music.

'Mad Max: Fury Road' was another film that won heavily on the night, winning four awards -- for makeup and hair, editing, costume and production design -- but none of the high-profile awards.

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